Stained Glass

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Much of the stained glass in the church is Victorian dating from the turn of the century, with the glass in the East and West windows being modern replacements following blast damage in the Second World War.
East Window East Window Lady Chapel Window Lady Chapel The East Window (left) is a modern replacement. The original by Clutterbuck was destroyed by enemy action in 1943. The top panel of the new window shows Christ in Glory. The main panel depicts the crucifixion with the figures of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Edward the Confessor, St Andrew and St John in the side panels.

The Lady Chapel East Window (right) is another modern replacement of simple design with two angels, the Fleur-de-lis and the Marta Regina symbol of our Lady.

Christ's Ministry Chist's Ministry Transfiguration of Christ Transfiguration of Christ On the South Side, there are two Victorian windows in the main body of the church. The first, that adjacent to the Lady Chapel shows scenes from Christ's Ministry (left), teaching, healing and blessing children.
It bears the inscription "He beheld the city and wept over it". The window is dedicated to the memory of William Mashiter, the la st member of a notable local family.

The second represents the Transfiguration of Christ (right). Christ is shown in Glory with Moses and Elijah whilst the Apostles Peter, James and John look upwards. The staff of Ind Coope, the local brewer, gave this window in memory of Charles Peter Matthews JP of Havering-Atte-Bower.

The three windows on the North side are also Victorian, and like those on the South side, were given by local families in memory of their relations.

Christ's Resurrection Ressurection of Christ Nativity window Nativity The window closest to the chancel shows scenes following Christ's Resurrection (left) - Mary in the garden, the breaking of the bread at Emmaus and Jesus meeting with his disciples by the seashore. The window is in memory of four members of the Hunt family. The family have been solicitors in the town since 1794.

The centre window depicts a scene of the Nativity (right) with the figures of Faith Hope and Charity in the panels above. The window bears the inscription "In this was manifested the love of God towards us, because that God sent his only Begotten Son into the World that we might live through him".

This window was erected by Louisa Attwell in 1906 and is in memory of her parents, brothers and sisters. The Attwell family seems to have had a long association with the town, as can be seen from the Parish Registers, and the very generous gift of £500 given in 1922 to rehang the bells.

Ascension of Christ Ascension of Christ

The third represents the Ascension of Christ (left) and is dedicated to the memory of John and Mary Loder.

The West Window The West Window The Carpenters Shop The Carpenter's Shop The West Window (left), also a post war replacement has a simple design depicting the dove of Peace surrounded by the heraldic symbols of the Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The case of the new organ has been designed to complement this window.
The glass above the west porch (right), was previously in the Baptistery window, is of the boy Jesus in the carpenter's shop at Nazareth.

Baptistery Window Baptisery Window The Baptistery Window (left) was commissioned in 2003 and is the work of Alison McCaffrey. The theme being the ever continual flowing of Baptisimal water. The figure has arms raised towards the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove. The encircling light and word of God, links the figure and the dove. (This commission was made possible by the hard work and fund raising of Jenny Card and friends).